2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
IAAF Regulations
IAAF Race Walking Challenge
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
IAAF Race Walking Challenge
Regulations 2018
. 1. General Principles
1.1. Every year, the IAAF shall organise the “IAAF Race Walking Challenge” which shall consist of
scoring events contested at competitions that have been designated as part of the “IAAF Race
Walking Challenge” and divided into the following categories:
Category A: IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships, IAAF World
Championships, Olympic Games
Category B: IAAF Permit Race Walking Meetings
Category C: Area Championships and Cups
1.2. Regulations governing the conduct of the IAAF Race Walking Challenge shall be issued to the
IAAF Race Walking Challenge Permit Meeting Organisers and may be amended from year to year
by the IAAF.
. 2. Calendar of Events
2.1. There shall be a maximum of five Category B Meetings. These shall normally be held in the
period March-May.
2.2. The Calendar of Events shall be coordinated by the IAAF each year.
2.3. The 2018 Calendar of competitions designated as part of the Challenge, is listed in Appendix 1.
. 3. Applications / Permits for Category B Competitions
3.1. An Application for a Permit shall be sent by the IAAF to the Organisers prior to the season.
3.2. Organisers shall return the Application to the IAAF by 15 October 2017 duly completed and
countersigned by the IAAF Member Federation of the country where the competition is to be
. 4. Obligations of the Organisers of Category B Competitions
4.1. Athletes
4.1.1. Organisers must ensure the participation in each senior race of at least 6 athletes
representing 4 different countries from the list of Qualified Athletes in Appendix 2
otherwise the IAAF Grant shall be reduced (see 4.6). This obligation does not apply to the
Men’s 50km.
4.1.2. Organisers shall pay full board accommodation for the athletes listed in Appendix 2
according to the agreements established between the parties. Food and accommodation
standards shall be at least equivalent to international *** (3 stars) rating.
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4.1.3. Organisers may conduct negotiations for the appearance and promotion of athletes as
a) through the Athletes’ National Federation
b) directly with the Athletes (formal invitations shall be made through relevant National
c) through duly authorised Athletes Representatives (ARs). Organisers shall not deal
with unauthorised ARs. A complete listing of authorised ARs is available from the
IAAF website or from the IAAF HQ:
4.2. IAAF Delegates / IAAF Staff
4.2.1. Delegates and Staff
 An IAAF/AIMS grade “A” or “B” International Road Race Course Measurer should be
on site during the competition to certify that the course used is the one that was
 At least 6 International Race Walking Judges (representing 5 countries) including the
Chief Judge must be on duty. Notwithstanding their final number, all acting Judges
must be chosen from either the International or Area Race Walking Judges Panels.
This list must be sent to the IAAF.
 The IAAF shall appoint a Delegate with the required technical knowledge to attend
the event, who will serve as its official representative.
4.2.2. Travel and Accommodation
 Organisers are responsible for the travel and full-board accommodation of all Judges
and of the Course Measurer.
 Organisers are responsible for the travel and full-board accommodation of the IAAF
Delegate appointed to the competition for a maximum of 3 nights.
 Organisers are responsible for the accommodation costs of one IAAF Staff Member
for a maximum of 2 nights.
4.2.3. Responsibilities
The IAAF Delegate shall submit a report on the conduct of the competition to the IAAF
within two weeks after the end of the competition.
4.3. Technical Requirements
4.3.1. The events may take place on road or on the track, but must be over the following standard
4.3.2. For Road Events, the Organisers must abide by IAAF Rules 230.11 and 240.3.
4.3.3. A transponder service must be in place for the timing and the lap counting.
4.3.4. At least three days before the Meeting, the Organiser shall provide the IAAF with the
provisional Entry List (to:
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
4.4. Medical and Doping Control
4.4.1. Organisers shall provide adequate Medical and Emergency Services on site; including
emergency assistance, ambulance service, and minor stitching.
4.4.2. Organisers shall carry out doping controls in accordance with the IAAF Rules and
Regulations as follows:
a) a minimum of 6 doping control tests, all including EPO analysis;
b) the analyses shall be conducted at the WADA Accredited Laboratory appointed by the
c) all costs relating to doping control shall be borne by the Organisers.
The IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations are available for downloading from the IAAF website:
4.5. General Requirements
4.5.1. Organisers shall take out an appropriate insurance policy covering Public Liability and
accidental injury to athletes and officials.
4.5.2. Organisers shall make every effort to arrange Television coverage of the competition, at
least in the host country.
4.5.3. Each Meeting shall provide the IAAF with a broadcast quality video-tape (DVcam, XDcam,
HDcam or DigiBeta) of the entire coverage of the competition and allow the IAAF to use up
to five minutes of footage for promotional purposes, free of charge. The tape should be
received by IAAF within two weeks of the competition.
4.5.4. Media and television facilities shall be set up in accordance with the IAAF Guidelines.
4.5.5. Organisers must provide the IAAF with the following:
a) within two hours, the full results of the competition (sent to so they can be posted on the IAAF website, with the
updated standings, no later than 24 hours after the competition
b) within two weeks after the competition, a post event report
4.5.6. Organisers shall display, at their own cost, at least one IAAF board or banner (6m x 1m) in
the Finish Line area (exact layout to be provided by the IAAF).
4.5.7. Organisers shall also display the IAAF name and logo on all printed material (bulletin,
leaflet, starts list, results, etc.) and shall provide, at no cost to the IAAF, a one page IAAF
advertisement in the official programme (logo and advertisement to be provided by the
4.5.8. The IAAF strongly encourages Race Walk Challenge organisers to include a mass
participation walking event in the programme. Such activities are becoming increasingly
popular and the IAAF believes they can significantly help to promote their competition as
well as fitness and become a key factor for the worldwide development of Race Walking in
the future. The IAAF is ready to provide further information and ideas upon request.
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
4.6. IAAF Grant
4.6.1. The IAAF shall pay a Grant to each Category B Organiser to support the organisation of the
competition and the participation of the qualified athletes. The Grant shall be paid after the
competition and on condition that all Obligations are met. If the required number of
qualified athletes is not met, the IAAF grant shall be reduced by 50%.
. 5. Area Race Walking Championships / Cups (Category C)
5.1. Participation at the Area’s Official Race Walking Championships or Cup shall also award points
towards the Challenge rankings without the need for any application to be submitted.
5.2. Points to the Top 6 finishers shall be awarded according to Category C. In the case of “open” Area
Championships or Cups, points shall be awarded according to the best times recorded by ALL
athletes, including those from other Areas, starting in the same race and even if several races
should be conducted simultaneously under different titles.
5.3. The list of designated Official Area Competitions for 2017 is in Appendix 1.
. 6. Ranking
6.1. Athletes shall be able to score points depending on the Category of the competition and
regardless of the number of qualified athletes (see 4.1.1). The points shall be awarded according
to the following scoring system:
Categ gories
A and B
Category C
A and B
Category C
1 st 12 6
2 nd 10 5
3 rd 8 4
4 th 7 3
5 th 6 2
6 th 5 1
7 th 4
8 th 3
9 th 2
10 th 1
6.2. To be ranked, an athlete must participate in at least three scoring events of the Challenge, at
least one of which must be from Category B. Disqualified athletes (DQ), will NOT be considered
as having participated in that event. Although he may compete in as many competitions as he
wishes, the athlete shall be ranked only according to his best three scoring results.
6.3. Any athlete achieving a new World Record (on tracks or road) shall be awarded 4 bonus points in
addition to the ones he shall receive as a result of his finishing position.
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
6.4. The Final standings of the Challenge shall be established after the last event of the Challenge.
The 8 men and 8 women with the highest number of points (subject to clauses 6.2 and 6.5) shall
be eligible for the Overall Challenge Awards (see 7.2).
6.5. In case of a tie for the final standings of the Challenge, this shall be resolved in favour of the Race
Walker with the highest finishing position in any of his best three scoring events. In case of further
tie(s), the other finishing positions shall determine the ranking.
. 7. Awards
7.1. Organisers at all Category B competitions shall provide a minimum awards structure for senior
races as follows ($10,500 for each race):
1st place: $ 4,000
2 nd place: $ 2,500
3 rd place: $ 1,500
4 th place: $ 1,000
5 th place: $ 800
6 th place: $ 700
7.2. Overall Challenge Awards provided by the IAAF ($80,000 for the Men and for the Women):
1st place: $ 25,000
2 nd place: $ 15,000
3 rd place: $ 10,000
4 th place: $ 8,000
5 th place: $ 7,000
6 th place: $ 6,000
7 th place: $ 5,000
8 th place: $ 4,000
Any athlete who renders him/herself ineligible due to any infringement of IAAF Regulations will
not receive any award. In this case, the prize money shall be paid to the next ranked athlete.
7.3. Awards from the IAAF shall be distributed in accordance with the IAAF Rules and Regulations.
. 8. Disputes
All disputes and protests related to the competition shall be resolved by the IAAF Council in
collaboration with the IAAF Race Walking Committee.
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
Calendar 2018
Sat-Sun 5/6 Taicang CHN
IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships
Sat–Sun 24/25 Monterrey MEX
Memorial Jerzy Hausleber
Sat 7 Rio Maior POR
Grande Premio Internacional de Rio Maior
Sat 2 La Coruña ESP
Gran Premio Cantones – Sergio Vazquez
Sep 23-26 Suzhou CHN
Around Taihu International Race Walking
Sun 11 Adelaide AUS (Oceania)
2018 IAAF RWC Regulations.docx 8
A list of 30 athletes from the IAAF Race Walking Challenge, IAAF World Championships, Olympic Games
or IAAF World Race Walking Cup placings and previous year’s rankings. Organisers must ensure
participation of at least 6 athletes representing 4 different countries in each race (does not apply to the
Women Men
Family Name Given Name Country Family Name Given Name Country
Arenas  Sandra  COL  Bird‐Smith  Dane  AUS
Barber  Alana  NZL  Bonfim  Caio  BRA
Cabecinha  Ana  POR  Dunfee  Evan  CAN
Castro  Ángela  BOL  Thorne  Benjamin  CAN
de Sena  Erica  BRA  Arévalo  Eider  COL
Drisbióti  Antigóni  GRE  Arteaga  Mauricio  ECU
Galvis  Sandra  COL  Chocho  Andrés  ECU
García  Kimberly  PER  Campion  Kevin  FRA
García‐Caro  Laura  ESP  Linke  Christopher  GER
Giorgi  Eleonora  ITA  Arai  Hirooki  JPN
González  Maria Guadalupe  MEX  Fujisawa  Isamu  JPN
Henriques  Inês  POR  Kobayashi  Kai  JPN
Lamble  Regan  AUS  Matsunaga  Daisuke  JPN
Lyu  Xiuzhi  CHN  Noda  Tomohiro  JPN
Madarász  Viktória  HUN  Takahashi  Eiki  JPN
Menuet  Emilie  FRA  Yamanishi  Toshikazu  JPN
Nie  Jingjing  CHN  Kim  Hyunsub  KOR
Ortíz  Mirna  GUA  Doctor  José Luis  MEX
Palmisano  Antonella  ITA  Nava  Horacio  MEX
Pérez  María  ESP  Pineda  Omar  MEX
Pérez  Paola  ECU  Rew  Quentin  NZL
Pinedo  Ainhoa  ESP  Jin  Xiangqian  CHN
Qieyang  Shijie  CHN  Sun  Song  CHN
Sánchez  María Guadalupe  MEX  Wang  Kaihua  CHN
Smith  Beki  AUS  Wang  Rui  CHN
Trapletti  Valentina  ITA  Shange  Lebogang  RSA
Virbalyté‐Dimsiené  Brigita  LTU  Amezcua  Alberto  ESP
Wang  Na  CHN  López  Miguel Ángel  ESP
Wang  Yingliu  CHN  Martín  Álvaro  ESP
Yang  Jiayu  CHN  Karlström  Perseus  SWE


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